RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dunamis Centre, Montreal

Text: Luke 16:19-31, Acts 3:2-8

Glory and honour be to an Everlasting God whose decision is authentic, the Most Trusted in Heaven and on Earth. All glory to you Father.

Lord Jesus we truly appreciate your loyalty through the sacrifice you offered, and will forever honour your course. Thanks so much excellent Holy Spirit, if it has not been you, there wouldn’t be an understanding, thank you very much for your guidance & your sound support, You have been amazing. Glory to you The Trinity.

The last time we talk about gate possession, meaning that your positioning will determine your possession. Right! Today we shall explore on the advantages of an upright in heart and an ignorant in Christ (i.e. a deteriorating heart). Psalm 1:1-6. In today’s text, though the stories seems very familiar, but the life in both passages matters most. I have so much in my mind concerning these passages, however, let’s make it simple and precise.

To every human being that exist in this World is giving a measure of grace in any position/ capacity that he may occupy in life, and the same opportunity will determine whether such will go far or cut/ cause his journey to be glorious end or otherwise. The point here is that power cannot be assumed alone without impacting someone, group of people or even a whole Nation at large. Power is too heavy to carry all alone, it’s become useless or even destructive to the carrier. Ignorance is even worse. Hosea 4:6. If any man can be loyal to God, it becomes very easy to be with man.

RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dunamis Centre, Montreal
Few of the advantages of a spiritual man are:

Acts3: 2-8 The power given him is to profit the kingdom of God, by bringing abnormality to normal, Gen 1:1-3, without extortion. Knowing fully well that, there’s an expectation /demand placed on him to deliver. Vs 5. The man’s were focused on this men of God. The fact that you’re a priest or pastor does not make you spiritual, but only through the light of God that radiates through you.

A spiritual man takes a Godly initiative the moment he enters into an environment of need. John 5:2-6,

A spiritual man always goes about the work of the Father in obedience without delay. John 5:

A spiritual man cares more on lifting up another man. Acts 3:7.

A spiritual man rejoices in the testimonies of others. Acts: 3:11– it becomes an occasion to elevate the original owner of the Power. (The Almighty God). Plus much more to these.

Hence, the disadvantages of Power/Position of a Carnal man is always:

To oppress. Luke 16:19. One who cannot see the need of a helpless man, or one in complete need, even when he sees he has health issue, feeding issue, and one who’s completely incapacitated.

Could not even be allowed for crumbs. A carnal person is naturally stingy, thinking always, “I went through hell to be where I am, therefore I cannot waste my dime or resources on any lazy person”. You call that waste? The end shall justify the means. Vs23-24.

A carnal man so materialistic vs19b everyday to him is Christmas.

A carnal man believes life goes on forever, without knowing we’re all pilgrims on the planet Earth, we shall one day return home. Vs 22.

To everyone under the sound of my voice & those who will be reading this, can you be trusted? Job 1:1, can God The Father count on you that, both in your affluence and Power, you will still make reasonable sacrifices unto God, when challenges shall emerge. My point here is, if Job refuse to die in pains& weakness, still confessing his loyalty to God, knowing fully well that, there’s nothing that happened to man without the knowledge of God. Take up your cross daily and refuse to die in pain. Are you suffering from cancer that aches like sore in the body? Marital or emotional pain, financial ? God is in them all, you must be trusted still. The righteous cannot die in the position of the wicked. Encourage yourself than getting mad. The end of Job became more beautiful than his beginning, even Lazarus as well. Just that I have made up my mind not to die with glory, not as a beggar nor like an Ant. The choice remains yours today. Altar call.

Prayer: I must excel, will not die with glory, attain my full potentials, must do exploits for my God. Expand in all sides & fully enlarged in my land of calling. Halleluyah Amen.

From Pastor Perry Akinlosotu

RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dunamis Centre, Montreal