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RCCG Dunamis Centre Montreal – He Took Our Sickness

Jesus took our sickness - http://www.dunamiscentre.org

RCCG Dunamis Centre Montreal – A message at RCCG Dunamis Centre Montreal on Sunday 20th May 2018 by Gideon Chukualim.

Sub-topics include,
– Difference between Soul and Spirit
– The power of our body
– God’s provision for our perfect health
– Gates that open us to sickness.
– How a Christian prevents sickness

Give Me Your Isaac


Redeemed Church Montreal. ‘Give Me Your Isaac’ – A sermon by Prophet Dr. Ackah at Dunamis Centre Montreal on Sunday 18-3-2018. Amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit

Thanksgiving Service August


Redeemed Christian Church of God Montreal Parish, Dunamis Centre Montreal, is a Redeemed church in Roxboro West Island in Montreal. It is a RCCG Montreal Evangelical or Pentecostal Church. As a Redeemed Christian Church of God parish, Dunamis centre welcomes all and sundry to receive the undiluted Word of God in Montreal.